Customized Tableware

Okura Art China has developed many original tableware pieces and interior objects for chinaware enthusiasts. However, it is generally quite unusual for us to make customized tableware and craft objects. Upon receiving your order at major department stores throughout Japan or at Okura Art China shops, we will send your request to our designers who will respond to your needs as much as possible. Offering original products at a reasonable price is one of Okura Art China’s distinctive characteristics, which sets us apart from other ceramics makers.

After-sales service

Consult with Okura Art China if you have to replace a broken piece or if you have to repaint gold lines.
For more details, contact major department stores throughout Japan or Okura Art China shops.

Okura China Painting School

At Okura Art China’s China Painting School, skilled and certified artists will teach Okura’s traditional painting methods to both beginners and researchers. The school has a reputation as the best school for learning both basic and advanced techniques to paint  on Okura’s white porcelain.